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Maintenance Tips


If tips are showing more wear on one end of the gang loosen the three bolts at the turntable, re-level to suit and re-tighten.

Grease axle bearings weekly - do not over grease as seals may pop.




Pre Season:

  • Any pivots and swivels that don't move freely need to be freed up and lubricated or replaced.
  • Any bearings or seals that sound noisy or gritty when the wheel turns should be replaced or repacked with grease
  • Any damaged seals must be replaced
  • If fitting a new seal a smear of grease in the fins of the seal will help its performance.
  • When replacing or rescrewing black hub cap, a smear of grease against the contact surface will assist in sealing


Post Season:  

If unable to store seeder bar undercover, remove gangs of presswheels at the two UBolts securing mounting bar to outriggers.  Storing the presswheels will extend tyre, seal and bearing life



Side swivel ugrades are available if swivel is stiff - see page 40



Pressure rod clevis pins using split pin instead of circlips - see item 16, 20 page 34.

Arm to hub seals can be upgraded to current type SP36P6641 by replacing one side of wheel hub (PW4350) - see page 40.  This upgrade will require a 16mm flat washer to space wheel slightly.

Current type seal SP36P6641 can run direct on 03/04 hubs without moulded ring but needs to be lubricated and monitored to make sure the hub plastic doesn't wear away.



Point Wear:

Points that are scalloping excessively above top piece of tungsten carbide or behind bottom tungsten carbide tip may cause end of point to break off before tip has reach it's useful life.  Hardface weld can be applied in these regions to extend point life.

Weld on Knives (PT1930 & PT1940):

When rebuilding a point cut the excess off the old point and leave a 3mm gap for penetration to weld knife.  MIG weld or general purpose ARC welding rods can be used.  Excess weld can be left as this area works out of the ground.


Closers should be replaced once either corner has worn to more than 15mm radius.  Closers cannot be rebuilt.