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Previously only available as a bolt-on replacement for parallelogram machines, due to increasing demand, the Emu Tracker has now been adapted to fit the Agmaster individual Presswheel module. These have been run in WA & NSW over the past few seasons, with positive customer feedback including comments of: 

  • Reduction in chemical damage on edge of furrow
  • Fewer weed escapes at edge of rows
  • Less smearing in wet conditions
  • Improved seed coverage
  • Reduced mud build up on tyre in sticky soils

The key element of the unique tyre design is the individual flexible feet on both sides, which flick loose soil back into the seeding row while also pressing down on the seed.  They are most effective in moist soil conditions.


Soil build up comparison between Emu Tracker (foreground) and Agmaster 95mm "V" Tyre (background) in New South Wales

As with our usual presswheel range, these units mount to a false bar behind the last rank of seeding tynes. Additional features include:

  • Individually mounted for independent pressure
  • Greasable hubs
  • Self tracking
  • Down-pressure adjustable
  • Extra inner spring option for additional pressure
  • Can be lifted and locked when not required
  • Robust aluminium rims
Emu Tracker Presswheels fitted to full machine in Lake King, Western Australia


Part Number: PWE130
Price: $600ea +GST
Module Weight: 18kg
Wheel Diameter: 425mm
Tyre Width: 130mm
Down Pressure: 

For more information or to check availability, please call and discuss with your local Agmaster Dealer or our Sales Team.