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Trashguard Kits & Parts

Trashguards suit the NT11 Series Points & Holders

Part No Name Price
TGB5750 NT19Trashguard Kit for Flat-On Tynes (50mm) $30.00 VIEW
TGU1170 NT11 Trashguard Kit for Flat-On Tynes (50mm) $38.00 VIEW
TGB5730 NT19Trashguard Kit for Edge-On Tynes (30mm) $30.00 VIEW
TGU1177 NT11 Trashguard Kit for Edge-On Tynes (30mm) $38.00 VIEW
TG1170 NT11 Trashguard $28.00 VIEW
UBN1003 U Bolt M10 65 x 52 with Nylock Nuts $5.00 VIEW
TG1175 Trashguard U-Bolt Backing Plate Flat-On Tynes (50mm) $5.00 VIEW
UBN1004 U Bolt M10 95 x 30 with Nylock Nuts $5.00 VIEW
TG1173 Trashguard U-Bolt Backing Plate Edge-On Tynes (30mm) $5.00 VIEW

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