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Spare Parts

Common Presswheel Parts

Part No Name Price
BE1228 Presswheel Arm Bearing 17 x 40 6203 2RS $2.00 VIEW
BE1237 Presswheel Pivot Bearing 12 x 37 6301 2RS $3.00 VIEW
BE1740 Presswheel Bearing 17 x 40 6203 2RS $4.00 VIEW
BO16M90 Bolt M16 x 90 $4.00 VIEW
PW4300 Presswheel Tyre 100mm "W" $100.00 VIEW
PW4310 Presswheel Tyre 70mm "V" $80.00 VIEW
PW4320 Presswheel Tyre 95mm "V" $80.00 VIEW
PW4330 Presswheel Tyre 50mm Flat $80.00 VIEW
PW4340 Presswheel Tyre 20mm Wedge $100.00 VIEW
PW4350 Presswheel 1/2 Rim with Steel Ring & Bearing $34.00 VIEW
PW4360 Presswheel 1/2 Rim Only $26.00 VIEW
PW4420 Presswheel Arm with Bearings $80.00 VIEW
VBN4001 V-Bolt, Nuts and Washers; Bolt M12 90 x 100 ctr, Nuts and Washers $5.00 VIEW

Please Note: Products and Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST. Prices exclude any freight costs that may apply.