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Spare Parts

Morris Quantum, C2/C3, Bourgault Paralink & Horsch Sprinter Parts

Replacement Parts for the Multi Boot Module & Kwik Fit Module systems for Morris Contour 2/3, Quantum, Bourgault Paralink & Horsch Sprinter as well as new Emu Tracker wheels

Part No Name Price
BA6200 Boot Adaptor Multi-Boot Module 2021 $95.00 VIEW
BA6260 Boot Adaptor Multi-Boot Module 2020 $95.00 VIEW
CF7560 Emu Tracker Wheel 5-Stud for Morris Contour 2 & Bourgault Paralink $280.00 VIEW
CL6240 Single-Row 45mm Closer Multi-Boot Module $50.00 VIEW
LA6180 NT20 Leg Adaptor Multi-Boot Module Morris Quantum & Contour 2 2020 $65.00 VIEW
LA6190 NT20 Leg Adaptor Multi-Boot Module Bourgault Paralink 2020 $95.00 VIEW
LA6210 NT20 Leg Adaptor Multi-Boot Module Horsch Sprinter NT 2023 $95.00 VIEW
PIR41 12mm x 41mm Diameter Pin Sq with R-Clip 2021 $2.20 VIEW
PIR45 12mm x 45 Diameter Pin with R-Clip (4x32) $2.20 VIEW
PT6640 NT20 Adjusta-Point 14mm Lo-Thro Standard $85.00 VIEW
PT6650 NT20 Adjusta-Point 14mm Lo-Thro Liquid $115.00 VIEW
PT6660 NT20 Adjusta-Point 12mm Straight Standard $85.00 VIEW
PT6670 NT20 Adjusta-Point 12mm Straight Liquid $115.00 VIEW
SW6270 Seeker Wing Multi-Boot Module 75mm (55mm Seed Rows) $150.00 VIEW
SW6290 Seeker Wing Multi-Boot Module 95mm (75mm Seed Rows) $160.00 VIEW
SW6280 Seeker Wing Multi-Boot Module 85mm (65mm Seed Rows) $150.00 VIEW
PT6040 Point 14mm Std Kwik Fit Module 2017 $80.00 VIEW
PT6050 Point 14mm Liquid Fertiliser Kwik Fit Module 2017 $110.00 VIEW
LA6120 Leg Adaptor Morris C2 2017 $65.00 VIEW
LA6130 Leg Adaptor Bourgault Paralink 2017 $95.00 VIEW
FB6410 Fertiliser Boot (Dry) Kwik Fit $50.00 VIEW
LF5520 Liquid Fertiliser SS Casing 9mm x 130, Long and Straight $5.00 VIEW

Please Note: Products and Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude GST. Prices exclude any freight costs that may apply.